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Barb’s Best Bets: Win A King’s Ransom Playing Crowning Glory NJ Online Slot by Barbara Nathan

Did you watch the May 19, 2018, royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on TV or online? If so, did it have you fantasizing about what it would be like to live their life, if only for a day?

That was my experience. But, of course, it was short-lived, and soon, out of necessity, it was back to reality. Dreaming and reliving that dream as a memory is as close as most of us get to being surrounded by opulence and luxury of that magnitude.

Meanwhile, I was in a quandary about what to make the subject of my next Best Bets article. So that got me to thinking maybe there’s a slot game that could offer a reasonable facsimile of the royal life experience. I was skeptical but eager to start looking, and, much to my surprise — lo and behold — I hit pay dirt!

Crowning Glory is a royal-themed slot that truly lives up to its auspicious title.


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