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Assessing poker’s place in a structural gaming shift, with 888’s Yaniv Sherman from CasinoBeats


Last week, Yaniv Sherman, SVP and head of the US at 888, examined the group’s US intentions; adopting a distinct slant to delve into the group’s moves thus far as well as implications of the Wire Act in ‘poker country’.

This time around, or just later on in the call if you managed to catch last week’s part one, which can be accessed here, attention shifts to the future, making moves in a three-way tie with casino and sport and what will happen (dare we say) when things get back to normal.

“To your point about exponential growth, this is sort of something that feeds itself, and creates a sort of ascending spiral of activity. We’ve seen this worldwide, and that is just the direct effect,” he begins.

“It also has an indirect effect, in the sense that poker is an effective gateway, and cross-sell, to other products”

With the last year having potentially introduced new forms of gaming to people, which is arguably more accessible, as a solely online gambling operator is there a fear of a digital drop-off amid a land-based uptake upon the resumption of normality in everyday life?


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