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As Gen Z Comes Of Gambling Age, New Strategies For App Engagement Are Needed

The online gambling industry is facing an impending generational issue when it comes to marketing. Gen Z is a different audience than Gen X, yet iGaming operators often take their lead from retail casino marketing, which is still mostly geared towards the latter.

Younger players’ emotional triggers are different. Their game play is more experiential. Their attention spans are shorter. That’s why it’s important to get the marketing right, right from the start. This was an opinion reiterated by several speakers at the recent CasinoBeats Summit in Malta.

If regulated online gambling operators engage their customers, they’ll keep coming back. Bettors who return increase the bottom line. So app engagement is the key to operator revenue, said Alexis Wicén, CEO and co-founder of Unibo, speaking at the summit.

The conference, hosted by Sports Betting Community (SBC), included Wicén’s comments during a July 14 session titled Gamification – The Language of Loyalty.


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