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A Tale of Two Tournaments by House of Cards® co-host Dave Weischadle (DEW44)

It was a spectacular summer Sunday in the Garden State. A lazy, sun-filled day which rejuvenates the soul and makes the work week worth living. Hell, it wasn’t even that humid, so for New Jersey, that means the perfect day. That afternoon my Phillies ended the first half of their season with a thorough beating of the Colorado Rockies and the Yankees scratched their way back up to .500 by beating the impressive Cleveland Indians. That evening I would be playing in a tournament on that I had been looking forward to all week.  Like I said the day was perfect.

The writer Henry James once wrote “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Now Mr. James certainly was not referring to the Phillies, Yankees, or Borgata poker; however, it is my theory that if Mr. James was from New Jersey, he would certainly be referring to the Phillies, Yankees, and Borgata poker. And it was my intention to start the good feelings early on by participating in a free roll tournament in the late afternoon.

The $1000 guaranteed freeroll was a blast. It was one of those rare experiences for me where good cards and good decision-making actually combined for a successful tournament. It seemed I could do no wrong. Now I’m not bragging with that statement.  I am merely illustrating how bizarre a feeling that was for me. I was even thinking “Wow, I might have to continue playing this tournament while playing the 8:15 tournament I had been promoting.”  Well, it turned out that was a problem I would not have to face. Soon after that crazy thought popped into my head,I made a stupid decision with a pair of 7s (a patented Dave-like move) which ended my time in that tournament. In the end, I finished 23rd out of a field of 278. I thought this was a great warm-up and confidence builder for my 8:15 tournament. I was wrong.

The next tournament started promptly at 8:15. The tournament I had been waiting for all day. The tournament I had promoted on social media for a couple of days. I was in for a wild ride very early. It was the daily $1,000 guaranteed bounty tournament which means everyone started with $3000 worth of chips. The action and the big moves started quickly. Very early I made a substantial bet when I had two pair only to lose to an ace high straight. A couple of hands later again I had two pair.  This time I lost to a flush. By the first break I was down to $1,100 in chips and in about a half hour I was out.

Well one of the great things about poker is there’s always the next game. So on Sunday I’m going to get right back up on the horse and jump back online. Play me at the 8:15 Major Daily $1,000 Guaranteed Bounty tournament on Look for the name DEW44, we’ll play some cards and you can try to ruin my perfect Sunday.


About the Author

Dave Weischadle is co-host of the syndicated radio talk show House of Cards® and anchor of the House of Cards® Gaming Report. Dave, an attorney, is a member of the Gaming Law Division of the New Jersey State Bar and is a member of the Entertainment and Sports Law section of the New York State Bar association.

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