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3 Mental Barriers That Are Holding You Back in Poker (and how to overcome them) by Nathan Williams

They say that fighting is 90% mental. Well then poker is about as close to 100% mental as you can get. Your success or failure is quite literally all in your head.

But for many poker players there are several mental barriers that hold them back from achieving the kind of success that they deserve in this game.

This is stuff like a lack of confidence in their abilities, putting higher stakes players on a pedestal and creating negative internal dialogue streams when the cards run bad on them.

And the reason that I can speak to these is because I have gone through each one of them myself. They are debilitating and if left unchecked they can sabotage your entire poker career.

So in this article I am going to provide you with some practical and actionable ways to start overcoming these 3 mental barriers that are holding you back at the poker tables.


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