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#Halloween is more fun with Adam and Eve (@adamandeve)!

Be The Belle Of The Ball!

Beautiful and elegant, this enchanting mask will make you queen of any costume party or ball!

The Fantasy Masquerade Mask is ideal for role playing and Halloween. There are dozens of different scenarios you can act out with this mask – from mysterious strangers dancing the night away at a fancy costume party to a kinky scene from your favorite erotic novel! You can even pretend to be the beautiful pauper who shares a dance with her prince charming at the stroke of midnight. Or you can be the royal princess who gets ravished by a pirate! With this elegant mask, your imagination's the only limit!

If you're not into role playing, you can use the mask for taking a racy photography or two. Just imagine your lover's reaction to getting a pic of you in the mask... and nothing else! You might even like it enough to put together your own album of sexy boudior photographs!

The silvery grey Fantasy Masquerade Mask is trimmed with lace and sparkling swirls of gold and black. It is carefully shaped to fit comfortably around your face without obscuring your eyesight. The mask ties in the back with a satin ribbon.

Masks are a common element of sexual role playing. Much like costumes in a play, masks help bring different scenarios to life and make it easier for you and your partner to step outside yourselves and pretend to be vastly different characters.

This and other great costume ideas are now on sale on the Adam and Eve website!

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