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Game Night Just Got A Hard "R" Rating!

2-8 Players Can Enjoy This Hilarious Adult Parody Board Game!

(The following review is best read with a British accent, try it!):

"This game doesn't involve you performing any actual sex acts, but it does sound like a real laugh. Basically a sexy version of Clue, solve the mystery of who is doing who. Was it Justin Mebumb & Ann Nalove in the spa with a double dong? Sign us up!" –– Paisley Gilmour, Cosmopolitan UK

Get your hot party game night started at the No-Tell Hotel and see if you can find the clues to who’s doing who, where, and how! A Clue-style party game for 2-8 adult players.

Walk through the hotel to discover which guests are having a secret sexual encounter by answering these questions:

Which 2 guests are involved?
Where are they in the hotel?
What sex toy are they using?
What position are they in?
With some good detective work you can be the one to discover the copulating culprits and WIN this game!

Everything you need comes in a sturdy box:

1 Die, 1 gameboard, 8 game tokens, 9 position cards, 9 room cards, 11 sexy toy cards, 12 guest cards, 1 Tyvek sleeve, 1 note pad, 1 rule sheet.

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