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The Casino Esport Conference 2019 (#CECVegas) - The New Era for #Casinos and #Wagering

In just the year since the PASPA repeal, seven states have taken around $8 billion in bets. The potential is huge, so all eyes are on sports betting in the US.

And that’s exactly the problem – and a huge opportunity for you... What are those eyes missing? eSports betting. The eSports market is one to be ignored at your peril. It's the fastest growing market by some way.

In 2016, the eSports betting market reached $5.5 billion – and that’s forecast to grow to $13 billion as early as next year, a growth of over 130%.

And that's not all – 82% of study respondents believe that eSports betting will catch up to the major US sports within just two years.

This is huge – a huge missed opportunity if you don’t take action now and explore eSports as a future-proofing strategy.

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