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The 2015 East Coast Gaming Congress starts Wednesday!

The East Coast Gaming Congress & iGaming Institute, now in its 19th year, is the gaming industry's second-largest conference, and promises to be an essential forum for examining and coordinating ideas regarding the future of online and land-based gaming.

The future of the industry requires a synchronized, holistic approach, and ECGC has risen to meet that challenge with a coordinated approach that is simply the best way to address i-gaming, land-based gaming and all gaming-related issues.

The East Coast Gaming Congress recognizes that attendees have limited time and a limited budget and has priced and scheduled this conference with this in mind. We have designed our event to make sure that all the critical issues – starting with Internet wagering – are dealt with in the same forum. We bring all the leaders – from government, suppliers and operators – who will collectively set the policies and make the decisions, into one place where their ideas can be cross-pollinated and placed in the broadest context.

Check out the House of Cards interview with Lloyd D. Levenson, Esq., one of the directors of the East Coast Gaming Congress HERE

For more information or to register for this year's East Coast Gaming Congress, click HERE

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