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Be A Better Bettor: 5 Resources That Can Improve Your NFL Win Rate by Eric Raskin

There is no magic formula to making money betting on the NFL. Oh, sure, there are people who want you to believe there’s a magic formula. But you can’t believe much of what you hear from someone asking you to pay money for winners.

At the risk of overgeneralizing, “touts” are a scam. That said, smart money exists. There are bettors who have proven capable of beating the house. But they aren’t usually out there barking at you, selling their picks.

Although nobody can guarantee winners, there are resources out there that can guarantee information, and information, applied properly, leads to a better chance of winning. That “the more you know” slogan NBC used to use to teach social and moral lessons? It applies to sports betting.

So, in that spirit, here are five resources — people, websites, apps — who can help you with the “smart” part of smart money.


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